6 Educational Photography Blogs & Twitter Feeds

By Jed Grant

When I first got started with photography I really struggled to find good information that would help me get up to speed fast. First it was about how to take pictures and use the camera, what the settings meant and how to use flashes. After that I needed (still do) to learn about how to monetize my hobby because I fell in love with photography and the only way I’m getting the toys I need to take better pictures. That means marketing. Meanwhile I still have to take better pictures, and practice editing with the right software (Lightroom) and get my name out locally for that whole money making thing. Along the way I’ve started seeing how my lenses and camera body just aren’t going to cut it so it’s come full circle. Here’s a few of the blogs or twitter feeds I’ve come across that have been exceptionally useful for me to learn and grow as a photographer.


The Strobist blog teaches you about your camera and flashes and a whole lot more about how to take pictures. He doesn’t talk much about composition or framing your shots though. It’s all about light and camera. You can find the educational material on the right side in two drop down list menus called lighting 101 and lighting 102. There’s also a list for assignments for specific things to practice.

The Photo Argus

I’m always looking for inspiration. I haven’t yet reached a point where I am comfortable enough with photography and editing to be thinking purely on a creative level so finding great images and breaking them down is a way I learn. The Photo Argus provides clever inspirational galleries that are not only full of great photography, but great photography you never thought of taking as a new photographer. The posts on their blog are also timely. They do also post educational articles. However, those articles are typically quite brief and don’t provide a lot of depth. It’s not that they are concise, it’s that they are a little shallow in terms of information, but the content is still great.


Petapixel has a wealth of interesting information about photo, video, and generally just cool stuff all around. What I like most about this blog is that the information is well written, current and always interesting. I’m not sure exactly how he finds all of his information but the content is almost always enjoyable. Every post. This isn’t entirely about photography, but if you’re going to get into photography you will want to stay up to date on technology generally, this blog is worth it for that aspect alone.

Photography Parlor

As stated above I’ve been learning a lot about marketing and photography as a business generally. The photography parlor provides one set of articles in particular that I enjoy and that’s their “Marketing Mondays” theme. It provides simple insights about how to push your business forward. Most of the articles are useful some much more than other, but all of them help you get an idea of what you can be doing to grow your hobby, part time income or full out business. There are also many interviews with photographers that will help you get a feel for what it may be like as a photographer.

Photo Jack

This guy post an amazing amount of stuff that can send you to many different places to learn about all kinds of photography topics. It’s how I discovered half of these sites. Typically his tweets just echo the post title or the information heading. The real value comes when you pick out the ones that are interesting to you. Personally I find that at least half of the links he posts aren’t useful for me, but he’s posting 10-20 links per day which means there’s always tons of great information coming from his feed. Most of the photographers you wind up following on twitter talk about themselves or use it to chat with their friends. Personally, I use twitter as a means to learn and share about what I am learning and doing regarding photography with the occasional personal message.

Marketing Essentials International

I recently came across this blog thanks to Google and my desire to learn more about marketing a photography business. What I like most about this blog is that it’s content is original. There’s a thousand blogs and ten thousand photographers that will tell you about marketing your photography and just about all of them are talking about social media. These guys talk about it, but they talk about a LOT more too. This is the ONLY place I have seen so far that talks about how to interview couples before engagements and weddings to make sure you’re familiar with them and their story and that’s just one example of the type of content they are posting.

Once again I was going for 10, but I ran out of sites that provide consistently good content at 6. I hope you find these to be useful.

Photo Editing Software: ACR + Photoshop vs. Lightroom

By Jed Grant

If you found this article it’s because you realized that there’s more to photography than your camera can offer and one of those things is editing style. Whether you saw the creamy skin tones in wedding pictures, the soft feel of baby and child photography, the surreal coloring of cross processing or something entirely different. You realized that you could take one image and turn it into a hundred different things, all of them beautiful. Just to make sure you understand, lets start with a couple of examples. If you’re not a believer maybe you should read this article about editing. Keep reading for some examples and the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop.
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10 Great Photographers Who Edit Their Photography

By Jed Grant

So I wanted to write an article that included 10 photographers. I REALLY did. They say those kind of blog articles are HOT. So I looked… for like two whole hours in a variety of different states. Turns out a lot of photographers… well, they’re terrible at editing, or just don’t do it at all… and the thing is many of them are charging OUTRAGEOUS prices for terrible photography. HOWEVER, there’s hope. There are photographers who take great pictures, then edit them, which turns their work into exceptionally good photography. Here’s a few, that’s all I could find before I gave up and realized somebody really needs to get people some help.
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Photo Editing Flickr Groups: Building a Community

By Jed Grant

photo editing flickr groups post thumbnailI decided something about photography. I love editing. Maybe more than taking the pictures themselves, because they look SO much better afterward. Taking the picture is really just the beginning, once you start editing it can come out a hundred different (and beautiful) ways. Here’s an analogy for the ladies. Makeup. If you’re anything like my wife you don’t leave home without it, unless no one will see you. Your computer is home, don’t let it go anywhere before it looks nice. As for the guys… same analogy. Girlfriend, wife, significant other whatever. Ladies look better with makeup, guys would too, but there’s the whole dignity thing to consider so… I’ll stick with Photoshop or Lightroom photo editing after the fact.

So there’s an analogy, I’m through telling you about how great it is, let me show you, and not just on my photos, but yours. Or feel free to show me how you think it should be done. I’ve started a couple of Flickr Groups.
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Photography is about Fantasy: Make Believe with Your Photo Editing

By Jed Grant

Before and After Post ThumbnailNobody likes blemishes. Nobody. Go ahead, name one person who wants to see their picture with that rosy red zit poking off some part of their face. I’ll wait… and wait some more… actually I won’t because the ONLY person you’re ever going to find who seems to like them are journalist who are worried about the integrity of an image… Good for them! Lets talk about real people though, like you and me. I’m a guy (no makeup here) and I have a TERRIBLE time getting a tan (too much computer time what can I say!). It’s my belief that no one wants to look at a picture and remember how terrible their skin is, so why let them?

The great thing about me is that I never have blemishes. Ever. Because I edit them out. Every. Single. Time. I really want to be a very handsome man, and handsome men don’t have acne problems. And beyond that my family also has perfect skin, my clients too. It’s amazing how all the people I take pictures of have nice skin tones with no blemishes. This is because of photo editing, though there are many other names (post processing, image editing or manipulation and probably more.)
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Creamy Skin Tones Tutorial (Video)

By Jed Grant

skin tone tutorial resultsWelcome to my second video tutorial. This one covers a few different methods for getting soft creamy looking skin tones for your photos. This type of photo editing or post processing is particularly common with wedding and bridal pictures. The image below shows a the results you’ll be getting by following the steps I outline in the tutorial. I’ve also included a curves preset for cross processing you can download at the end of the post.
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Photoshop Basics: Curves and Color Balance

By Jed Grant

I’ll get straight to the point. There’s two things you probably should adjust on every photo you take to give them a little more life and my guess is it will quickly set you apart from the rest; Curves and Color Balance. These are not the only two things you should pay attention to, but it’s a good start. I’ve created a little video that will give you a very basic way to use both.
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Video Tutorials, Lighting Gear, No More Funds!

By Jed Grant

So I’m always torn about where I want to spend what my budgeted allowance. I have a lot of things I’m interested in. So sometimes it’s hard to choose. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with this blog the design, function, all the things I’m learning I need to add. Some of those things have come from friends or others who have read this. Which is cool and gives me a reason to add more. I wanted to share a couple of things that are coming.

First, video tutorials. Personally I feel like I can learn a lot more, a lot faster with video. So first on the document will be photoshop basics. Videos that are intended to get people oriented with image editing applications basic functionality related to photography.

Second, more photo stuff. I finally made the jump and bought some more photo stuff, all of it on the economical side. I picked up a boom light stand, backdrop stands, 3 backgrounds (black, white, green) and a second flash. All less than $200. So all told at this point I’ve spent less than $1500, though at this point if you follow my post on basic photography gear you could get it all for less than $1000. Now if it all collapses on me I’ll let you know 🙂 Otherwise I hope to share some pretty sweet pictures here’s in the near future.

Stay tuned for video tutorials and more photography.

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Buy Photoshop Lightroom before a Camera Lens

By Jed Grant

Brooklynn Before and After Lightroom EditingOne thing you will see immediately when you start digging into photography is that you can quickly become limited by your lens. A good lens can give you great control over depth of field and allow you to get a LOT more light into the camera, which in turn means you can leave your ISO low and get higher quality images. Lenses are an exceptional investment, however, that’s exactly what they are, they’re an investment. My articles target people on a budget and those who simply want to learn quickly and even though a lens has a lot of value, I would suggest there’s something else that will help raise the quality of your work faster. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
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Finding Inspiration and Staying Motivated

By Jed Grant

I keep looking back at how long it took me to just get motivated and start learning how to take pictures. I had my camera 6 months before I made the decision to just learn it. It was like a giant whale, something I just didn’t believe I could get my arms around and handle so I got discouraged and avoided it. Then one day I made a choice, spent some money (more than I needed too, which is why you should read this post) and started doing it.

However, there were a couple of things along the way that really helped me decide that I really wanted to do it. The first is the blog of Scott Jarvie (you’re welcome for the SEO boost :)), a Utah Wedding photographer who takes some pretty amazing pictures and does it creatively. I looked through his pictures and loved them. The second thing I did was create a favorites list on Flickr. I spent some time on the strobist group and just clicked on the images I liked (read why that group is exceptional).

Do yourself a favor check out my favorites list on Flickr and start making a favorites list of your own. It’s a great way to start imagining your own possibilities. The last thing is to simply buy that $30 strobist kit in the gear post, the huge jump in quality will really help you see how easy photography can be.