Finding Inspiration and Staying Motivated

By Jed Grant

I keep looking back at how long it took me to just get motivated and start learning how to take pictures. I had my camera 6 months before I made the decision to just learn it. It was like a giant whale, something I just didn’t believe I could get my arms around and handle so I got discouraged and avoided it. Then one day I made a choice, spent some money (more than I needed too, which is why you should read this post) and started doing it.

However, there were a couple of things along the way that really helped me decide that I really wanted to do it. The first is the blog of Scott Jarvie (you’re welcome for the SEO boost :)), a Utah Wedding photographer who takes some pretty amazing pictures and does it creatively. I looked through his pictures and loved them. The second thing I did was create a favorites list on Flickr. I spent some time on the strobist group and just clicked on the images I liked (read why that group is exceptional).

Do yourself a favor check out my favorites list on Flickr and start making a favorites list of your own. It’s a great way to start imagining your own possibilities. The last thing is to simply buy that $30 strobist kit in the gear post, the huge jump in quality will really help you see how easy photography can be.

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