My First Photo Shoot

By Jed Grant

Siblings Max and RachelFor a few weeks now I’ve been trying to con someone, anyone, into doing a photo shoot with me. I only had one bite. A co-worker who wanted to get some pictures of her kids. It took a few weeks to line up schedules, but we finally worked it out and were able to get some pictures taken last night around sunset. I was actually pretty worried about a handful of things. Would I be able to get decent pictures? Would I be able to get them to respond favorably, what about poses that actually worked? See all the images and a few before and after images after the break.

I’m actually pretty pleased with what I was able to do my first time out. You’ll notice there’s some issues with exposure on some of these images, I chose to include them anyway because I looked the photo, even though it would have been better had I nailed the exposure. I’m excited to find my next sucker to practice on, hopefully I get more responses now.

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