Photo Editing for Creamy Skin Tones

By Jed Grant

brooklynn before post processingSo, my many readers *cough* have asked for a tutorial regarding the creamy look you see around the web a lot lately. I’ve found out two things so far. Good pictures REALLY help, and there’s a lot of ways to do it, some a lot better than others. I’m working on the tutorial and will probably post it in the next day or two, but in the mean time read the rest of the article to see my attempts with a couple of images I took this evening, but first a little background. Before we went outside my daughter and I were bargaining about how many pictures I could take, she told me “Only three or two.” Once we got outside we took about 60, then we went in to give mom the freshly picked, but beautiful weeds. Then she insisted we go back outside and take more pictures. I wound up with around 168. 🙂

Photo After ProcessingPhoto Before Processing

And here’s the other attempt, my wife doesn’t approve of the expression, but I thought it was pretty cute, I told her not to smile, she almost succeeded 🙂

Photo After ProcessingPhoto Before Processing

And yes I do crack myself up pretty hard. We had a great time. I was excited for going to the park shortly after that because I was going to actually bring my light setup and try and take some nice pictures. Regrettably my daughter slipped on the playground steps almost immediately and we found out her nose bleeds like a siv. Also, it was our first bloody nose as parents ever, so my wife tried to catch it all in her hand, smearing blood all over my daughter face, so by the time I saw her it looked like something pretty severe though I knew better. Later I thought maybe I should have gotten a picture before cleaning her up. 🙂 Gratefully I didn’t tell my wife about that consideration. She was alright after a couple of minutes and went right back to playing so I conned my wife holding still while I practiced cross balancing my flash with direct sunlight using TTL. The result. Already deleted dear, I promise… well, maybe.

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  1. By Rick August 12, 2010

    Jed that is amazing so on your flash your using the TTL setting. What else do you do?

  2. By Jed Grant August 12, 2010

    Actually, there’s no flash. Just natural light.

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