Saturday Night Photo Editing Shenanigans

By Jed Grant

After Post ProcessingSo this evening my wife was watching yet another chick flick. I decided I would experiment a little with photoshop on a great image I found on the web. This particular image comes from the Hearts Up Ranch horse ride across america blog. These guys are riding across the US for a good cause, and they just happen to be in some pretty exceptional locations from time to time.

See the big version and before and after images after the break.
Anyway, it started innocently enough, but then I had the feeling that it needed a space ship… 🙂 And well, this was the result. Not particular refined, but not bad either for an hour of work. Move your cursor over the image to see what happened. Read below the image to see what I did.

Photo Before ProcessingPhoto After Processing

I this one was actually pretty simple to do, modeling the space ship in a 3D application took the longest. However I could have just as easily snagged a random picture of some airplane and done the same thing. I’ve just never made a space ship pic and figured it might be fun. This image consist primarily of 4 things.

  1. Curves Adjustment Layer to make the shadows and highlights pop a little more.
  2. Another curves layer to lighten up the foreground.
  3. Lens flare on the sun.
  4. Spaceship Model.
  5. Lens Flare on Space Ship engines.

That’s it, I think next time I try this I’ll go for more details. Let me know if you have questions!

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