10 Great Photographers Who Edit Their Photography

By Jed Grant

So I wanted to write an article that included 10 photographers. I REALLY did. They say those kind of blog articles are HOT. So I looked… for like two whole hours in a variety of different states. Turns out a lot of photographers… well, they’re terrible at editing, or just don’t do it at all… and the thing is many of them are charging OUTRAGEOUS prices for terrible photography. HOWEVER, there’s hope. There are photographers who take great pictures, then edit them, which turns their work into exceptionally good photography. Here’s a few, that’s all I could find before I gave up and realized somebody really needs to get people some help.

Scott Jarvie

Lake Moraine CanadaFirst I wanted to start with a blog that really changed photography for me. Scott is all photographer. Takes pictures, teaches, edits and lucky for you, travels.

I first found his blog from a link on the Strobist blog for his Jarvie Window, which is cool, check it out. For that matter take some time and look at his blog, there’s a ton of great work there and some pretty interesting articles. You can click the image on the left to read his article about a trip to Canada.

Edward McGowan

edward-mcgowan-photographyEdward runs Plain Joe Photography and has done some very interesting work. Of particular note is his 2009 365 day set on flickr. He also has some very informative and simple photo editing (Post processing) tips on his blog, I recommend taking a look. I love simple and he does it well.

Shannen Norman

shannen-norman-photographyWhen I found Edward’s blog (listed above) I was reading through some of his posts and came across a link to Shannen’s work. Love it. This is exactly thet ype of photo editing that I feel is relevant and interesting. It helps set her a part from the masses of portrait photographers. She puts just the right amount of work into it so nothing seems overdone, just unique and interesting.

David Hill

david hill photo websiteDavid Hill does some amazing photo editing. He’s not your typical portrait photographer. He does some very creative editing and his blog includes behind the scenes information. Check the lower right hand corner for the behind the scenes link, it’s a little hard to see. He uses the high pass filter and vivid layer blending mode along with glows quite a bit (Photoshop). It makes for some pretty striking photography.

If you’re interested in learning more about how people get photos like that there’s a David Hill Look Flick Group where there’s some great and kind of sad attempts to duplicate what he’s doing.

David Terry

David Terry Photography PhotoThis guy is kind of crazy in a way that shows he loves photography. He works a full time job and does 3-4 photo shoots per week. Per week! He does all kinds of different work and is pretty involved in the local scene. His editing is more subtle, but it still makes the images better.
I actually work just on the other side of the cubicle from this guy. He’s exceptionally personable and always willing to share what he knows, so if you’re curious about his work contact him. I’m guessing he would be happy to answer your questions… or take your pictures.

Radiant Photography

I read about these guys on the Photo Tuts website. They have a different style than the others, but they also seem to have a very good eye for the kind of editing styles, poses, and general creative use of their tools. Definitely worth bookmarking and using as an inspiration source. I particularly enjoy the way they use lens flares in their work.

So… Looking For More!

If your photography doesn’t suck and you do some nice editing I would love to hear from you and make this post what I hoped it would be. I’ve seen some great stuff on flickr. Problem is those people either don’t have web sites or have terrible web sites.

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  1. By David Terry September 11, 2010

    Thanks Jed. I appreciate being included with such an auspicious group of photographers. 🙂

  2. By Jed Grant September 11, 2010

    Certainly, thanks for all your help with my questions. Maybe I’ll convince you to tag along and hold some lights for you so I can learn a bit more!

  3. By helena September 17, 2010

    Well, I always see him at photowalks, so you can ask his advice there.

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