Photo Editing Flickr Groups: Building a Community

By Jed Grant

photo editing flickr groups post thumbnailI decided something about photography. I love editing. Maybe more than taking the pictures themselves, because they look SO much better afterward. Taking the picture is really just the beginning, once you start editing it can come out a hundred different (and beautiful) ways. Here’s an analogy for the ladies. Makeup. If you’re anything like my wife you don’t leave home without it, unless no one will see you. Your computer is home, don’t let it go anywhere before it looks nice. As for the guys… same analogy. Girlfriend, wife, significant other whatever. Ladies look better with makeup, guys would too, but there’s the whole dignity thing to consider so… I’ll stick with Photoshop or Lightroom photo editing after the fact.

So there’s an analogy, I’m through telling you about how great it is, let me show you, and not just on my photos, but yours. Or feel free to show me how you think it should be done. I’ve started a couple of Flickr Groups.

  • Edit My Photo Group – If you can’t afford the fancy software (PS you can get a few different applications for free) or just want to see what someone else can do with your photos this is the group for you. It does require you have a Flickr account, which you can register for pretty quickly and from there uploading images and adding them to groups is easy. I’ve populated this group with some initial content you’re welcome to mess around with.
  • Photo Editing 101 Group – This one is all about editing. Sharing it after it’s been done. Take an image, edit it, combine the before and after image into the same image (side by side) and upload it. Again, if you want something to edit use the edit me group. It should be full of stuff that needs some help. The images in this group should include descriptions that will help you understand how that effect was accomplished. If it doesn’t ask in the comments section for the image.

Mother Son Image Edit

Why Edit Photos?

Edited images look better, and you can do it for free. If you’re still not sure you believe me read this article and look at the pictures or visit the photo editing 101 group and see what people are able to do with it. If you want to learn something post a question I’ll address it with a tutorial or a response, whichever is easiest for you.

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