Photography is about Fantasy: Make Believe with Your Photo Editing

By Jed Grant

Before and After Post ThumbnailNobody likes blemishes. Nobody. Go ahead, name one person who wants to see their picture with that rosy red zit poking off some part of their face. I’ll wait… and wait some more… actually I won’t because the ONLY person you’re ever going to find who seems to like them are journalist who are worried about the integrity of an image… Good for them! Lets talk about real people though, like you and me. I’m a guy (no makeup here) and I have a TERRIBLE time getting a tan (too much computer time what can I say!). It’s my belief that no one wants to look at a picture and remember how terrible their skin is, so why let them?

The great thing about me is that I never have blemishes. Ever. Because I edit them out. Every. Single. Time. I really want to be a very handsome man, and handsome men don’t have acne problems. And beyond that my family also has perfect skin, my clients too. It’s amazing how all the people I take pictures of have nice skin tones with no blemishes. This is because of photo editing, though there are many other names (post processing, image editing or manipulation and probably more.)

Before and After Niece and Nephew (Post Processing)

I recently read an article by another photographer that detailed how he edits his photos. He indicated that he edits to help people focus on the important parts of the image. To bring out the things that mean the most and if it isn’t do that then he doesn’t do it. I thought that was very insightful, especially for me because I love editing. Almost as much as I love taking the actual picture.

Little Girl Walking Before and After Photo Editing

Right now I am actually trying to avoid editing too much so I can focus on getting better at taking pictures first. I’ve also heard experienced photographers say that those of us who are new tend to over edit their photos and I’ve seen that, however, what I see a lot more of is people not editing their photos and missing what they could have been. I guarantee that right now you have some random snapshot on your computer that with some editing could be downright incredible or at least a whole lot better than it is now. Don’t believe me? Post an image on my Photo Editing 101 Flickr Group and I’ll edit it for you. That’s right, FREE photo editing, just so you can see what it might do to your images (Family Friendly Only). That’s fun for me. So please put some images up.

Father Granddaughter Image Edit (Post Processing)

Look at the images in this post or in the photo editing Flickr group. Personally the edited version looks amazingly better. These images are cropped so I can show the original and the edit beside one another, however as part of editing I also crop the image to utilize the rule of thirds. I will also sometimes crop images closer to peoples faces to make them feel a little more itimate, however composition and framing really should be done when you take the picture, so this part of editing really just means you need to practice those things more often.

Mother Son Image Edit

To me it boils down to imagination and fantasy. It’s the reason people love movies. They’re being given something wonderful and perfect. I want that. I want amazing things to be a part of my life. That’s what editing can do. It can make a wedding appear more vibrant and full of light and beauty. It can give you amazingly beautiful eyes and perfect skin. It’s make believe, like when we were kids. That’s why I edit my images, because I like to see the possibilities, not the reality.

Natural Light Picture of Shoes - Post Processing

Young Women Portrait Photo Edit - Post Processing

Grandfather and Grandson Post Processing Before and After

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