6 Educational Photography Blogs & Twitter Feeds

By Jed Grant

When I first got started with photography I really struggled to find good information that would help me get up to speed fast. First it was about how to take pictures and use the camera, what the settings meant and how to use flashes. After that I needed (still do) to learn about how to monetize my hobby because I fell in love with photography and the only way I’m getting the toys I need to take better pictures. That means marketing. Meanwhile I still have to take better pictures, and practice editing with the right software (Lightroom) and get my name out locally for that whole money making thing. Along the way I’ve started seeing how my lenses and camera body just aren’t going to cut it so it’s come full circle. Here’s a few of the blogs or twitter feeds I’ve come across that have been exceptionally useful for me to learn and grow as a photographer.


The Strobist blog teaches you about your camera and flashes and a whole lot more about how to take pictures. He doesn’t talk much about composition or framing your shots though. It’s all about light and camera. You can find the educational material on the right side in two drop down list menus called lighting 101 and lighting 102. There’s also a list for assignments for specific things to practice.

The Photo Argus

I’m always looking for inspiration. I haven’t yet reached a point where I am comfortable enough with photography and editing to be thinking purely on a creative level so finding great images and breaking them down is a way I learn. The Photo Argus provides clever inspirational galleries that are not only full of great photography, but great photography you never thought of taking as a new photographer. The posts on their blog are also timely. They do also post educational articles. However, those articles are typically quite brief and don’t provide a lot of depth. It’s not that they are concise, it’s that they are a little shallow in terms of information, but the content is still great.


Petapixel has a wealth of interesting information about photo, video, and generally just cool stuff all around. What I like most about this blog is that the information is well written, current and always interesting. I’m not sure exactly how he finds all of his information but the content is almost always enjoyable. Every post. This isn’t entirely about photography, but if you’re going to get into photography you will want to stay up to date on technology generally, this blog is worth it for that aspect alone.

Photography Parlor

As stated above I’ve been learning a lot about marketing and photography as a business generally. The photography parlor provides one set of articles in particular that I enjoy and that’s their “Marketing Mondays” theme. It provides simple insights about how to push your business forward. Most of the articles are useful some much more than other, but all of them help you get an idea of what you can be doing to grow your hobby, part time income or full out business. There are also many interviews with photographers that will help you get a feel for what it may be like as a photographer.

Photo Jack

This guy post an amazing amount of stuff that can send you to many different places to learn about all kinds of photography topics. It’s how I discovered half of these sites. Typically his tweets just echo the post title or the information heading. The real value comes when you pick out the ones that are interesting to you. Personally I find that at least half of the links he posts aren’t useful for me, but he’s posting 10-20 links per day which means there’s always tons of great information coming from his feed. Most of the photographers you wind up following on twitter talk about themselves or use it to chat with their friends. Personally, I use twitter as a means to learn and share about what I am learning and doing regarding photography with the occasional personal message.

Marketing Essentials International

I recently came across this blog thanks to Google and my desire to learn more about marketing a photography business. What I like most about this blog is that it’s content is original. There’s a thousand blogs and ten thousand photographers that will tell you about marketing your photography and just about all of them are talking about social media. These guys talk about it, but they talk about a LOT more too. This is the ONLY place I have seen so far that talks about how to interview couples before engagements and weddings to make sure you’re familiar with them and their story and that’s just one example of the type of content they are posting.

Once again I was going for 10, but I ran out of sites that provide consistently good content at 6. I hope you find these to be useful.

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